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Hi, please see my responses inline:

Explorer no overlays + file sorting only three options

My computer configuration: WIN8.1 + SQL Server Express 2014, bought Tabbles Home Edition.

My question:
1, the Explorer context appeared Tabbles options, but the files are not overlays.

Probably there are other applications installed on your machine which install an overlay handler and are taking precedence on Tabbles. (This is a windows limitation, not a Tabbles limitation). To know if this is true, please do this:

Open registry editor, and go to the location:



Tell me whether you see a key named


or something like that. There should be one.

2) tell me the names of all the other keys that appear BEFORE 000TabblesOverlayHandler (maybe SkyDrivePro1, SkyDrivePro2, SkyDrivePro3).

2. Sort files can be selected only three items: name, date modified, size.
Interest in the second case a serious impact on the efficiency of my work,

this extra time is needed to get the modification date of all the files from the file system, in order to sort the files by modification date.

Please tell me:

1) when the slowdown occurs, how many files are being sorted in the list? (look at the file count in the top right corner).

2) do some of those files lie on external disks, which go to sleep and take time to wake up?


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