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Michael, to locate all tagged files within a subdir, the above method will not work, because it requires you to tag all the files in all subdirs, which defeats the purpose.

We should have to modify the above method in some way. What you need to do is display all the files with tag “temp”, which also have some other tag. (i.e. all files with tag temp, except those that are only tagged with “temp”) .

To achieve that, I suppose you can do as follows, but it is complicated:

1) create a new tabble, called for example “temp”.

2) tag the directory D with tag “temp”. In the dialog, choose “tag the folder and all its files”. This will tag all files in all subdirectories of D, recursively.

3) create a tabble called “any”

4) drag all your tabbles except “temp” into “any”, pressing ctrl (so as not to move them, but copy them)

5) now open tabble “temp” + “any”

6) now you are only seeing files which are in temp AND in some other tabble as well. so you are able to saerch by typing in the textbox.

This needs to be tested. I am also not sure if the move operation will work. Be sure to make some test beforee moving actual files! Let me know the result. Thanks

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