Frequently asked questions

What happens if I move (or rename) a tagged file with Explorer? Will the tags be lost?

Starting from Tabbles 3, Tabbles will not lose tags. It will update its internal links to point at the new file location. So now you are free to move, rename and delete files with either Explorer or Tabbles, without worrying to lose tags or to create “shadow files”.

We’d like to adopt Tabbles, but we need interoperability with software X. Can you integrate Tabbles with X?

Yes, we can integrate Tabbles with your existing software, or adapt it to your existing workflow. We already did this for several big customers, including the Italian Ministry of Finance. Please contact us and explain us what you need.

Can you develop this feature or plugin on commission?

Yes, we do develop Tabbles plugins, new features, or customizations, on commission. We can also integrate Tabbles with other systems. We already did this for several other customers. We can also sell technical support and training courses. Please contact us and explain us what you need.

What if I reinstall Windows? Will I lose my existing tags?

If you use the Cloud option, obviously you won’t lose anything. If you are using the Lan option, you need to migrate your existing database (tabbles.mdf) to your new Sql Server. See this how-to.

Where does the name “Tabbles” come from?

That name was chosen because tabbles are tags shaped like bubbles.

I cannot install Sql Server. Tabbles 3 is too complicated. I don’t have a computer science degree!

If you just want to try Tabbles, you don’t need to install Sql Server. You can use the Cloud option.

For serious usage, however, you will have to install Sql Server. We have published a few video tutorials for that. They are very simple. If you still need help installing Sql Server on your machines, we can do it for a small fee. (Yes, we sell technical assistance as well.) Contact us for more info.