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  • xkat
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    HI – am interested to know how these two are related.

    Can the XML be used to replicate the database?

    I assume it could with the proper code, but is it a ‘report’ placeholder (intermediary and cache) for the database transact functioning?

    Or was it meant as an ‘interchange’ format for further development?

    I am trying to do the latter, but i would like to know how it (the XML) figures, holistically, in your architecture scheme.

    many thanks

  • Hikari
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    Isn’t it meant to dump whole DB and load it elsewhere? IE, dump from cloud service and load in LAN MSSQL.

  • xkat
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    that’s what i assume, after finding this:
    “The way Tabbles uses the db.xml allows you to create a database structure (meaning tabbles and Color groups) that would fit your office, colleagues or friends needs, and sharing it with them. If you are a distributor or an OEM partner, you can create your unique setup and have it distributed with Tabbles.”
    in the Wiki

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