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When I click any tabble i can see list of possible combinations (list of tabbles) and list of files, matched with already selected tabbles in one combined list. Right?

Right. First, a list of tabbles. Then, a list of files.

And I can see this list in progress, it does not appear instantly – it takes short time.

Wait. What list can you see in progress? The list of files or the list of tabbles?

On my machine, the list of tabbles appears (almost) instantly, whereas the list of files appears with a delay. Do you confirm?

Or does the list of tabbles appear with a delay on your machine? This would be a bug.

Of course I can click another tabble before list is complete, but it’s a bit uncomfortable 🙂

Do you mean you are uncomfortable clicking a tabble from the list of tabbles before the list of files is complete? But that’s exactly what you are supposed to do… why does this feel uncomfortable to you?

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