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To be more precise – when trying to drag&drop a file from network location into Tabbles window, the following error appears:
Code version: 3.0.4

execInThread –

——————– Level 0 ————-

Exception type = Misc+NetworkPathNotManaged

hresult = -2146233088

Message = Exception of type ‘Misc+NetworkPathNotManaged’ was thrown.

StackTrace = at [email protected](Boolean cached, String fullLocalPath, Unit unitVar)
at Misc.getDiskIdAndPathInDbFormatOfFullLocalPath2(Boolean cached, String fullPath)
at [email protected](String fullPath)
at[T,TResult](FSharpFunc2 mapping, FSharpList1 x)
at [email protected](Unit unitVar0)
at [email protected](FSharpFunc2 f, Unit unitVar0)

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