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Hi Maurizio,

I have just sent a similar message (just before browsing the forum : sorry 🙁 ) about a “similar” problem.
I think that the feature of tabbles4 doesn’t do the job on disconneced (but mapped as a local drive letter at file tagging time) volumes.
In my case, it’s a network installation of only 2 computers (sql server express on a lan machine to which my other computer is connected).
I’ve make a screenshot to explain (here)The test is the same with a removable media or a local drive of a other machine than the one on wich Tabbles is used : the drive letter isn’t “linked” with the machine name (or volume name for removable media) on which the file is: in both case, it’s the machine name on which I use Tabbles that is displayed as part of the “location attribute” that Tables uses.

Sorry if there is something I didn’t understand, but : how can I use Tabbles on multiples computers if the centralize database doesn’t identified them in a unique manner ???

Best regards

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