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I was a causal (and happy) user on my desktop
tried to install on my laptop – was confronted with NEW version (needing SQL)
the installation process was <span style=”text-decoration:underline;”><s</span>trong>INSANE
the Video(s) required Stopping / pausing / rewinding / over and over
how NOT smart to make JUST a video without an installation guide ???
(ie with notes and photos (screenshots)
not to mention
WHAT videos to watch in WHAT order???
do users install what first ??? (tabbles or sql or gui)
and which SQL should be DL (I was given nearly 10 choices at MS)
can not say how shocked I was that it worked on first effort
so . . .
even though I make over 1000 per hour on consulting (not just programming)
. . . yes – 10k per day
I am fascinated enough with this program and how it can to author an installation guide
for the new users
. . . I am a tech advocate since late 70s and have written numerous tech white papers (in my ‘former life’)

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