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The Press


Tabbles review on PCWorld.com  Ian Harac – PCWorld.com (syndicated by the Washington post)
13 May 2014: “If you work on projects spanning many directories and files, or need to organize and filter large groups of files, it’s very worth checking out the trial.”

18 May 2010: “…it’s a rare and wonderful thing when a program instead regularly updates, fixing flaws without shedding functionality. This is the case with Tabbles, as it has fixed a number of problems from its debut version while enhancing core functionality.” (YEAH! 😀 ).

30 Dec 2009: “Tabbles is under active, ongoing development, so we can hope someone will decide raw responsiveness and adherence to Windows interface standards are more important than scalable vector-graphic icons. When this happens, Tabbles will be a clear winner. ”

(Note: we’re in touch with the reviewer and most – if not all – the issues mentioned have been fixed already. They say that mixed reviews are not always bad and we love constructive criticism!).

lh_logolifehacker.com – “Tags and Groups Your Files with Virtual Folders”
03 Nov 2010 – “Tags and Groups Your Files with Virtual Folders”
“A single file, like a template, can be part of numerous projects, or apply to multiple clients”

(this deservers a WOW: the article has been read nearly 10k times and retweeted 500 times…)

Kim Komando on Tabbleskomando.com – “A modern way to organize files”        
01 Dec 2010“With tags, you can find files by typing keywords. Wouldn’t it be great if you could search through documents the same way? Well, Tabbles gives you an easy way to tag documents.”

(Thanks to the Kim Komando team! We didn’t even know the site before… silly us!)

4 stars for Tabbles on chip.de Chip.de

(Auf Deutsch) “Tabbles ermöglicht einfaches Daten-Management. Durch zahlreiche Komfort-Funktionen wird die Benutzung weithin einfach gehalten, z.B. Drag&Drop, Copy&Paste, Browsing und Auto-Tagging-Funktion.”
iss_logo istarterdsomething.com                                                             
“Simply put, Tabbles is a relational file management tool designed for the Web 2.0-era. It allows you to organize and find files not just by folders but by tags and relationships â?? one of the many unfulfilled promises of WinFS.”
thevarguy_logo TheVarGuy.com                                                                            
“Tabbles uses some unique â??taggingâ?? features to make your messy hard drive a thing of the past. If youâ??re anyone â?? yes, even an SMB or enterprise â?? who is looking to tidy up the swath of digital clutter you have lying around, hereâ??s what Tabbles potentially can do for youâ?¦”

Silvia Ciampoli (PC Magazine Italia)
– Magazine rating: 85%
-Italian: “Applicativo giovane e in costante aggiornamento, ci sembra un outsider dalle ottime premesse.”
-English (translation): ” Young and constantly growing application, it appears to be a very promising outsider.”

The Pros

We attracted some attention from some people (now friends) at Microsoft:

don-symeDon Syme: “Tabbles: Organize Your Files. Written in F#
(Don Syme is a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research)
“Now comes a great one. Tabbles is a new way of organizing files: it combines virtual folders and tags, and auto-organizes and tags your files in very intelligent ways. It’s been called “what WinFS should have been”.
Twitter - Henrik Hansen Henrik W. Hansen – Senior ISV Developer Evangelist @ Microsoft:

“Entire app made in F# and WPF. https://www.tabbles.net/ Inspired by WinFS, or rather, what WinFS should have been.”

The People


Murty BVNS:
Classifying has gone to next level. Highly intuitive free style tagging of files, folders, links which makes me remember site tree. You have to use it to understand its power. If you spend sometime on it you will not use any old style classification system.”


Jose Fernandez on software.informer.com
-User rating: 5/5 stars
“Tabbles is a very innovative file management utility

From the Tabbles forum: “Why I’m interested in Tabbles”

Staley: “it’s a refreshing way to interact with my files… ”
Jonh: “I am a scientist and maintain a large library of PDF files…I believe Tabbles works the way I think and will allow me to develop the subsets I need to organise this library.”
Wintermute: “I have a property LLC where I buy properties, and then rent them…With tables I can create a folder called x property, and palce all the photos, and documents attached to the property.”


The shareware world:








5stars on downloadpipe


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