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Tag files of any type and folders

Comments on files: add comments to files and search through them. In a multi-user environment, comments look like a chat, you can see who wrote the comment and when.

 Auto-tagging: create rules to tag files and folders automatically based on content, file path, name, type


Tag emails in Outlook: tag emails with Tabbles' user interface, find your email searching for tags, along with your files and bookmarks

Tag bookmarks:

tag webpages using our Chrome Extension or our bookmarklet (that works on any browser)

Visual browsingbrowse your data by "combining" tags, to describe what you are looking for, and find file, email and bookmarks groupd together in a virtual file system

Track file movement:

when you move or rename files, the tagging is preserved


Explorer integration:

right click on a file to tag it

Overlay icons: see if a file is tagged in Windows for tagged files

Tag files on Cloud-storage and synchronization (for Dropbox, OneDrive etc. see manual)

Admin window:

-import users from AD (supports SSO)

-manage users, groups, privileges

-manage licenses

Support: email, phone and Skype

Synchronize single user's tagging across 3 PCs (see manual)

Support with setup (local MSSQL, hosted MSSQL or Azure) and configuration

Tag-sharing: share tagging with all your colleagues on shared drives or in the cloud



 for personal use 


forever and ever!

 up to 5.000

for up to 500 files

up to 15 rules

Up to 100 emails

90 days trial


 for the light user

€1,5/month (yearly subscription)

up to 20.000

for up to 2000 files

Up to 25 rules

Up to 100 emails

share with group of up to 4 users



 full power for one user


(yearly subscription)



 for teams sharing tags


per month/user

(yearly subscription)

or 9€ monthly




Vuoi un database online dedicato? Ce l’abbiamo!

Se lavori in team, vuoi condividere i tuoi tags e vuoi un database dedicato, hostato e gestito da noi, puoi comprarne uno per 10 EUR al mese a questo link.



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Offerte speciali: scrivici per saperne di più

Tabbles per Studenti: Offriamo una licenza per studenti a €15 (abbonamento annuale) con le stesse funzionalità della licenza Pro. Offriamo anche sconti alle università, alle scuole e ai docenti sull’acquisto di licenze Tabbles Corporate

Tabbles Corporate per enti no profits e do-gooders: Offriamo un bel 50% di sconto sulla licenza Tabbles Corporate per quelli che stanno facendo qualcosa di buono.




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