Tabbles 5 beta, second build: comments on files

We’re releasing a new build, just 3 days after the first one, instead of the “couple of weeks” we previously mentioned… cause who needs to sleep anyway? 😀

We’re so eager to release this build as it contains one of those feature we’ve been asked for since day one: the possibility to add comments to files (or folders).

And not this allows you to write and edit a single comment per file: you can actually write and edit multiple comments on each file – each comment will shows when it was written or modified. If you’re working in a multi-user environment, you can see who wrote what and when, making it look pretty much look like a chat. A bit like slack or Google Wave.

It works fine on local disks, shared drives and Dropbox(-alike) folders. How does it work? you right click on a file and click on “Comments”. You can later also click on the preview of the comment to edit it or to see the whole story (we’ll improve this).

Add comments to files

Add comments to files

Brave souls are warned: this time it’s a real beta, or actually more a “working prototype”. Several things are missing:

  • We need to make some cosmetic work: the preview of the comment and the “Edit” and “Delete” in comment window are clickable (they should highlight at mouse-over but we haven’t got there yet).
  • You can only preview the comments in the File view > Normal mode, we’ll also fix this.
  • Tabbles lacks a refresh or notification systems, for when comments are added/edited, we’ll figure something out there.
  • We’ll soon release a version with a preview pane (that will be docked to the right side of the main window), then comments will appear there.  For now, they’re in a pesky pop-up window.
  • At the moment you can write only plain text – we’re considering making it rich text or something similar (but no promises here).

Again, this will work only in Local and LAN mode, the Cloud mode is not available yet, we’re putting it online on March 1st.

This time, we built only the .exe installer (version 5.0.5),the .msi installer is the 5.0.1 from 16.01.18.

Enjoy! 🙂


Please read carefully the license information on the download page

Please note that you may not be able to downgrade your database and use it with Tabbles 4, after you installed Tabbles 5  so make sure your license will work with Tabbles, that is only if you have a subscription license for Tabbles 4 or Tabbles Free. So please install this beta only if you have a subscription license or are using Tabbles Free!

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