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'''Korean''': [[Tabbles Manual (KR)]], thanks to nut4anime
'''Korean''': [[Tabbles Manual (KR)]], thanks to nut4anime
'''Chinese Simplified''': [[Tabbles Manual (ZH)]], thanks to jfm9513
'''Chinese Simplified (Tabbles 2.0)''': [[Tabbles 2.0 Manual (ZH)]], thanks to jfm9513
'''Portuguese''': [[Tabbles Manual (PT)]], thanks to Helder Muniz
'''Portuguese''': [[Tabbles Manual (PT)]], thanks to Helder Muniz

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Welcome to the Tag Forge wiki! Wanna contribute? Write us at info@tabbles.net


Tabbles 5 and Confidential manual

English: Tabbles and Confidential (EN), Regular expressions

Croatian: Tabbles and Confidential (EN)

Old version: Tabbles 2.4 manual (still relevant)

English: Quick Reference (thanks to mrdna!), Tips and tricks, browser integration

Deutsch: Benutzerhandbuch, Hauptseite, Schnellstart, Begriffserklärung, Reguläre Ausdrücke - thanks to Nefycee

Español: Manual de Tabbles (ES), Referencia rápida, Expresiones regulares, Tips y trucos thanks to Lgquirog

Korean: Tabbles Manual (KR), thanks to nut4anime

Chinese Simplified (Tabbles 2.0): Tabbles 2.0 Manual (ZH), thanks to jfm9513

Portuguese: Tabbles Manual (PT), thanks to Helder Muniz

And as well:

French (WIP): Tabbles Manual (FR), thanks to Cbiger

Russian (WIP): Tabbles - Руководство пользователя., thanks to RedFox

Getting started with Tabbles

Community stuff

Coming soon


Development: API and Open Source plugins

[Our github page https://github.com/tabbles]