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Tabbles 5 and Confidential manual

English: Tabbles and Confidential user manual (EN),

Regular expressions

Croatian: Tabbles and Confidential (HR)

Old version: Tabbles 2.4 manual: DE, ES, KR, ZH, PT, FR , RU.

Getting started with Tabbles

Community stuff

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Development: API and Open Source plugins

Our github page, here you can find the source code four Outlook plugin, Chrome extension and the API documentation and examples:

How to tag from command line

You can tag files by invoke Tabbles from command line, in the following fashion:

Tagger.exe tag_files_pre -f "C:\Directory\File1.doc" -f "P:\Shared Directory\File2.txt" -t MyTag1 -t MyCoolStuff

And you can also tag URLs in the same way:

tagger.exe tag_url_pre "My fav URL" -t MyTag1 -t CoolUrls

Using the same technique as the Bookmarklet, you can use this to programmatically tag bookmarks, something like this:

javascript:void(location.href='tabbles:tag_url_pre'+';'+encodeURIComponent(document.title)+';'+encodeURIComponent(window.location.href)+';'+'-t'+';'+'InsertTag1'+';'+'-t'+';'+' InsertTag1') where the URL and site tile could also be inserted via code.