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v1.4.1 (1.4.5beta1)

(rev 01/20/10)

[NOTE: Some commands are not available in the main window of this version of Tabbles but may still be usable in the Tabbles Desktop mode (refer to Menu > Tools > Tabbles Desktop) and are included for convenience and continuity]

Keyboard Shortcuts

Alt-c - quick-open
Alt-a - tag selected files
Alt-v - untag selected files
Alt-d - add internet address
Alt-f - remove ALL tags from selected files
Ctrl-n - new tabble/folder tabble/extension tabble (manage colors access in this panel)
Ctrl-f - find tabble or file (search)
Alt-r - recently opened tabbles first
Alt-z - center and zoom in/out (all visible tabbles shown)
Alt-q - align tabbles (snap-to-grid)
Alt-t - group tabbles by color
Alt-y - group tabbles by color name
Backspace - Up one level (in folder tabble only)


< (back) - displays list of recent tabbles and combinations
(home) - go to top level
New - refer to Menu > File > New Tabble
Arrange - refer to Menu > View > Arrange Tabbles
Scroll Tool - left-click drags desktop
Select Tool - left-click draws selection box
Search - for Tabble or file (ctrl-f)
Recently visited tabbles or combinations

Menu Bar


New Tabble
Tabble – create a new Tabble and assign a color
Folder Tabble – link to a folder
Extension Tabble – automatically links to files w/ extension
[Manage Colors] Add colors, label colors
[Display in main window] show or hide tabble
Import tagged files
Tabbles’ database
Backup DB
Restore DB
Use encryption in DB
Replace DB Structure
Export DB Structure
Exit Tabbles


Files sorting
Files with more tabbles
Files with fewer tabbles
Recently opened with Tabbles
Date modified
Recently tagged
File view
Files and tabbles
Show file date
Show file size
Show picture thumbnails
Auto-Zoom and Center view (alt-z)
Arrange Tabbles
Recently Opened (alt-r)
Recently Linked
Frequently Opened
Group by Color (alt-t)
Group by Color Name (alt-y)
Group by Initial Letter
Copy Layout to Freehand
Align Tabbles now (alt-q)
Auto-align Tabbles (toggle)


Paste (ctrl-v)
Select all files
Deselect all files

Tabble [Only active when one or more tabbles are selected]

Open this tabble
Combine tabble with those already open
Subtract tabble from those already open
Delete tabble
Rename tabble
Export tabble
Remove all shadow-files in this tabble from the database

History [Last tabbles opened or combined history list]

Quick-open tabbles (alt-c)
Add Internet address (alt-d)
Auto-tagging rules
Auto-tagging history
Tabbles desktop
All tagged files
Database update wizard
Active tagging tasks
Show debug log
Purge files which are not linked to any tabble
Remove errors in database
Change database path


Colors and Wallpaper
[Tabble text effect]
Resize Wallpaper/Lock Wallpaper (toggle)
Start Tabbles Automatically (on login)
Show Navigator
Change language
Configure one-click tagging popups
Re-enable all first time hints and confirmations
Ask what to do when tagging a folder
Ask what to do when untagging a folder
Mouse wheel behavior
Mouse wheel scrolls
Mouse wheel zooms
Window Mode
Replace Windows Desktop (experimental)
Compact window mode
Normal window mode
Always show all combinable tabbles


About Tabbles
Enter registration key
Check for new version of Tabbles
Tabbles user manual
Re-enable all first time hints and confirmations

Auto-tagging Rules panel

under construction