September 2014

Tabbles support for Dropbox, Onedrive, and other cloud and file synchronization tools

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Tag files on Dropbox, Onedrive or any cloud synchronization service Starting from version 3.1, Tabbles supports tagging on Dropbox, Onedrive and more! This new major version brings a popularly demanded feature: synchronization support. , i.e. support for Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Copy, etc. What does this mean? Suppose you are using Dropbox to synchronize a folder across two PCs, by yourself [...]

August 2014

Tabbles 3.0.44: tag Internet addresses, share many tabbles at once, and more

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We just released version 3.0.44 which makes it easier to tag Internet addresses. Now you don't have to type a name for the URL, and you have a paste button to paste the URL from the clipboard. Here is a video to illustrate the changes: The previous version, 3.0.43, also added an important feature for sharing: the ability to share [...]

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