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Tabbles’ Plugins
We’re growing it beyond believe – and you can help too!
List of plugins

Here is a list of the plugins currently available in Tabbles, they work on Tabbles 2.4.10 and above:

Outlook plugin: it integrates with Outlook and allows you tag your emails along with your files and search them using the Tabble quick search.   1.0 beta Tabbles media kit
Tabbles Plugin: Directory Scan – Open Source!: this is kinda an extension to the auto-tagging function inside Tabbles, it (will) allows you to scan your hard drive, create tabbles based on user defined rules and tag files consequently.
Do not use this yet!
It will create a bunch of crazy tabbles in your database… wait for our signal to start using it. This plugin is open source and released under LGPL 2.1. The source code is here on github.
 alpha Tabbles screenshot pack

How to use the plugins
If plugin doesn’t come with an installer (such as the Outlook Plugin), the plugins have to be placed in the Documents\Tabbles\Plugins folder. When Tabbles starts it will scan the the folder and find the plugins.

How to create a plugin
Check this page on how to create a plugin or start with the source code of the Directory scan plugin.

Our Github Projects
Check our page on Github, for the source code of our open source plugins.

The documentation on the development and the API is on our wiki.

Outlook is Copyright of Microsoft Corporation , in case you didn’t know…

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