Hello everyone, and Happy Easter!

Tabbles 3.0.18 beta is now available, completely translated to Russian, thanks to our friend Konstantin.

There are also many bugfixes so, if you have any earlier version, please upgrade.

In the next few days we are about to introduce an important feature: if you try to open a file on a detached disk, Tabbles will tell you what disk you need to attach. This way, Tabbles will become much more useful than a typical desktop search engine, which can only search among attached disks. These kind of programs do not help at all when you have tagged files stored in hundreds of dvdroms or removable drives, and no idea on what drive the file you need is. So, stay tuned for this great feature!

Note: Currently Tabbles already asks you to attach the disk with a certain serial number, but as you don’t know the serial number of disks, the feature is not useful yet. In the future, it will tell you “attach the disk labeled XYZ”, where XYZ is the name you yourself wrote on the disk.

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