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I am very happy to report a few events.
1. After a reboot (1.3.5) my system (desktop and browser) seemed to be back to normal
2. I was able to successfully uninstall Tabbles and reboot OK
3. I learned that in event viewer, it is NOT File save as but rather "action" to save (export) event viewer data.
4. I have sent the logs for review.
5. I downloaded and installed Tabbles_setup_1.3.8_20091207a.msi (I add the version and data) with NO problems
6. rebooted and started Tabbles with no visible problems.
7. sent the Event viewer logs for review (MUCH smaller) since I now understand Event viewer
8. Probably MOST important is that it Appears Tabbles performs a create system restore point because that in the failing event viewer log.

(.net 3.5SP1 is installed)

GOOD Progress….
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