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Sorry… I just was wondering once a versioning system is featured in Tabbles… can the user simply ignore it… or better… hide it if they use a third party tool.

Oh and I tested it last night and Tortoise does indeed show up when on an Tabbles that has a svn meta checkout structure. It doesn’t however show up if the folder or item isn’t in an Explorer folder that is a working copy from a subversion repository.

This is the normal Windows Explorer Contextual Menu when clicked on a item that’s not a subversion working copy (It’s contents haven’t been checked of a subversion repository)…

This is the Windows Explorer Contextual Menu when called on an item that is a subversion working copy…

In Tabbles it looks like this for an item that is a subversion working copy…

And in Tabbles that isn’t… notice the missing subversion options that the native Windows Explorer has and Tabbles’s Explorer window doesn’t.

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