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"Andrea" wrote: Hi Alexander


I think this new interface is a big mistake 🙁

Previous idea with fast zoom in /zoom out above big field with grouped tabbles was MUCH, MUCH better than this ‘foldered tree’. Idea to make innovative software ‘secretary proof’ looks bad for me.

Of course it’s just my opinion.

Best regards,
Alexander Khaytin

I’m sorry to hear this… the reason that pushed us towards this redesign is that 95% of the people uninstalling Tabbles did it because they couldn’t find out how it worked. Therefore we moved to a more traditional design (also following the review we got from PcWorld which did harshly criticize our design choices).

We do indeed believe that this version works better and of course we’re expecting some "resistance to the change".

It would be really nice if you could try using this new version for a few days and get back to us again afterwarda… 🙂



::sigh:: (insert some mumbled cursing here)

Andrea, while "resistance to change" is a valid position to be aware of, you should quit giving it so much weight, especially when you’re changing some very basic usability functions of the program – which the nesting ability does.

That said, I don’t think I’m the only one hoping that you guys don’t just kind of "forget" the classic workspace as that, for me until it became unusable a few weeks ago, has been my main venue in using the program. The file menu is nice, and I’m sure it will get more useful features (combo faves, mkayis box idea perhaps), but it doesn’t lend itself to the freewheeling idea generation the workspace does.

Granted, the strides in intuitiveness by aligning it closer to the file manager style is great, but don’t blur that difference too much by taking away too many of the innovation Tabbles was originally built around or you just make another file manager…

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