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"mrdna" wrote: My thought was something tiny and self-contained, all but link functionality stripped out. More of an advertisement/toe-in-the-door sort of app. ("Just think what the full version could do for you!")

I get your point, but unfortunately things don’t work that way… strip-it down would actually be a huge work as the most of the GUI should be modified (i.e.: when you drag’n’drop a file into a tabble, something else should happen, like a pop-up or something…).

But anyway, very very soon we’re moving to Freemium, meaning that instead of 30days trial there will be a version that allows you to tag up to 1000 files, and then starts giving you a nag-screen (but doesn’t prevent you to tag more stuff)… I guess it’s even better this way, isn’t it? 🙂

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