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Dear Bob,

thanks a LOT for your post: sharing your experiences from the dark ages of IT (… 😀 …) means a lot to us as we realize that there is still so much we can do with Tabbles and probably most of the useful stuss is just 5 lines of code away!

Particularly interesting about our post:

Personally I would love to be able to create files names like:
c:programfilesmyprog.YYMMDD_HHMMSS.exe and have the OS "manage" them
The naming convention I currently use is to "add" either a datestamp or version number to most files.

in the very beginning of Tabbles we considered the options of tagging files by renaming them and then search the files based on the name. This would have resulted in having file names like: invoices_gas_2009.pdf or HolidayInGreece_Mark_Deborah_Beach_Island_2008.jpg. We discarded the ida quickly as it would have created more problems than solutions. On top of it we believe that naming files is deviation from real life: you don’t name each of the dishes and chairs you own, but you can still distinguish them one another and find them when you need them… this is the goal the we set when we began working on Tabbles: surpass the file and folder names and replace them with visual tags.


It is my personal "solution" to version control and works well, but is way to manual
At least the time stamps contain the create modify and last use date, but I would LOVE to add a use count!

Improving the way we sort files (by last open/modified/created) would not be too complicated for us. Given that we are in reality building a sort virtual file system, even adding some other options would be possible.
And versioning is something we are already thinking about: as long as versioning would be "manual" (the user tells the software to go up one version for that file), it would be technically easy to implement. The reason why we didn’t do it yet is that we feel that we lack a good inspiration on GUI for the versioning…any suggestions here would be very welcome! 🙂

Bob, please keep the comments coming! You might also consider replacing the word "old" with "experienced" 🙂

Best regards,


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