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Hello everybody,

guys, my apologies if we’re not very present here at the moment… in case you didn’t realize, we’re already at full regime and we’re not doing anything else than Tabbles, eating and sleeping (and sleeping is the thing we’re probably giving up the most).

Something interesting, I should be posting this on the blog maybe (oh, wtf, I’ll just link the blog to this) is that yesterday a russian blogger fellow found our offer (Tabbles business free from bloggers), wrote us, blogged about it and since then our traffic did triplicate and 7 other bloggers (all from the same blog) wrote us claiming their licenses…and some of them blogged about it… very interesting phenomenon.

After a conversation with one of those bloggers (pretty smart guy actually) about software prices in Russia, I had the idea of creating a "fair price campaign", you can read about it here:

Does it make sense? Let’s see.

If you’re curious to see those blogs writing about us, you find them among our delicious bookmarks (from grazr)

Now we’re focusing on making Tabbles stable again… plus: anyone is using/loving/hating the auto-tagging and one-click tagging features?

see ya,


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