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Hi, Maurizio — thanks for your reply
That’s why i put all my data on a portable drive with PATH:
A:\\AARCHIVE\… etc.
*Note that my test machine is: “DV7” and the TABBLES database lists files from 3 machines, DV7, Giga2500K, BlueTurtle – all files were resident on the same (single disk id) portable drive, merely ‘referred to’ by different drive letters when used separately on different machines, not networked.

the problem i experience is that the files are listed by different machinename in the TABBLES4 db and cannot be updated in the interface

SELECT [id],[path],[isDir],[machineName],[idTaggable],[idOrganization]
 FROM [tabbles4].[dbo].[file2]

*,A:\AARCHIVE\6\610\Inspection of foods, medicines.mht,*,DV7,*,*
*,L:\AARCHIVE\6\614\Sanitary Inspection and control.mht,*,Giga2500K,*,*

Procedure using the TABBLES interface:
Search (Ctrl F) for “food” > several files are listed (with associated tag: Nutirition)
(File view NORMAL, with tags, folders, thumbnails]

                        A:\AARCHIVE\6\610\Inspection of foods, medicines.mht
(the 'lost' file) "-"   L:\AARCHIVE\6\614\Sanitary Inspection and control.mht 

then: right-click > “Locate in windows explorer” > “Specify current location”,
and successfully “Files Found:” > “Update the tags to point to . . . ”
“Info – files were found and . . . ”
Close interface; repeat search; file still shows previous location “L:\”
and has not been updated.

Curiously, right-clicking “Info” when hovering over ‘lost’ filename shows ‘date mod:’ and ‘size:’ are empty, but “Computer: DV7” even though the db always lists machinename: Giga2500K

please advise

many thanks

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