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“RESULT: now i have 2 copies of every file in my Tabbles interface, and it is not discernible which is which, without hovering.”

Hi xkat, first, please note that you will see both copies of the files in the Tabbles interface only if they are both reachable from the current machine. (If otoh the two copies are on different folders or different machines, and Dropbox is used to sync among them, you will only see one at a time).

If they are both reachable, we chose to let them both be visible, because there was no clear way to decide which one to hide.

At any rate, you should still be able to distinguish them from one another by the file path. if you use the normal view, you do see the file path below each file. So maybe you should just use the normal file view when you use sync.

I guess i should have expected this, but it’s not what i want.
I want the backup (Z:) files to be invisible to my Tabbles interface, except for Tabbles to do TABBLE SYNCING. Somehow i should be able to ‘hide’ those synced files.

Maybe this is impossible?

Yes, this is impossible if they are both reachable from the current machine. If you do the backup on a network drive and then disconnect the network drive, they will become invisible, but I guess this is not what you want.

We had dropbox in mind, so in practice we didn’t expect you to see both files at once.

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