We’re very excited to share that we’ve just released a build with the first APIs for Tabbles (and Tabbles’ sister application, Confidential). 
UPDATE: we have just uploaded a beta of Tabbles that has the API code built in, you can download it here. It’s not fully tested and misses a coupe of secondary features, but it should be solid enough for most users. 
This is the 1st version of this API, and we’re planning to support the current software and database architecture for a very long time, so we will grow the APIs as demand arises. Currently the APIs allow you to:
– Create a tag or tag/untag a file
– Listen to the events: tag created/deleted, file tagged/untagged
The good stuff, mostly for developers:
The API documentation and our test plugin source code : https://github.com/tabbles/tabbles-testPlugin-ApiV4/wiki
You can get the compiled Plugin here (with instruction on how to run it: https://tabbles.net/downloads/plugins/testPlugin.zip
More info and discussion in our forum 
If you have an idea for a plugin but lack the skills to develop it, write about it in the forum and we’ll do our best to make it happen 🙂
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