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  • Eric Begg
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    I am migrating over from a Mac and the tagging capability in OSX is inherent. If I tag a file, then I see that tag everywhere (emails, files, etc). Tabbles is great in this regard and I have been setting up my new Win10 machine with it. However, I have hundreds of tags after a few years on the Mac, and I am wondering if I proceed at the same rate on the Win10 machine, that the interface of tabbles won’t make it very easy to consume all the tags.

    is there a way to visualize the Tabbles in a Tag Cloud like on this forum —->

    if I ‘write to metadata’, can i build a tag cloud with another program?

    or is there a view in Tabbles that does this already that I have not see?

  • Andrea
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    Hi Eric,

    when you say “build a tag-cloud”, what do you refer to? Do you want to be able to see how “big” a tag is, meaning how much content it has?

    Please not that there is a tag tree inside Tabbles, showing all the existing tags.

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