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    As you know, there has been a Giveaway of the Day offering of the most recent Tabbles.
    I already had Tabbles 1.1.1 from a prior GOTD and wanted to keep it, not really had a chance to properly use it yet.
    So I made a "Tabbles 2" folder, pointed the 1.5.7 install to it, and it installed.
    The problem is that the 1.1.1 install, In the "Tabbles" folder, was wiped from the "Yellow blue soft" folder.
    So there is only the "Tabbles 2" folder, the 1.5.7 install, left, in the "Ybs" folder.

    The GUI seems to have changed between the two versions, and while not averse to the most recent GUI, I would like the old version back.
    Can I run both, or at least install both?
    Thank you.

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