We have a ticket system! www.tabbles.net/support

It’s powered by Mantis. Why Mantis and not Bugzilla? Read below πŸ™‚

The background: Many people asked us to install Bugzilla. As nothing was happening, they eventually started threatening me (specially Maurizio). On Sunday I started trying to install Bugzilla on our *inexpensive* shared hosting.

Since then (for the last 2 days) I’ve been fighting with:

(I won!)

(I won!)
MySQL + our hosting
(I’ve lost, but I fought a lot)

MySQL on another hosting
(!!!) (I’ve lost here too…)

The issue is that Bugzilla requires the db tables (not the tabbles πŸ˜€ ) to be formatted using InnoDB, and not the old-school MyISAM.
There is a good reason for this: InnoDB supports row-locking, making the db more stable (although a bit slower). Because of this, our hosting doesn’t allow shared hostings to have their db formatted using InnoDB…of course I found this our at the very last second of the Bugzilla setup process.
But I didn’t give up yet: I asked around and someone pointed me to an italian hosting service that would offer a free hosting plan including InnoDB: while this all corresponds to reality, I later figured out that they won’t accept connection to the MySQL coming from the outside.

Then I downloaded Mantis and set it up and within some 3-4 minutes it was online and kicking! here you go. πŸ™‚



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Tabbles 4.2.0Β (~ 19MB)
Compatibile con: Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. Per l’utilizzo in LAN richiede Microsoft Sql Server Express 2008 o superiore.

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