The first beta of Tabbles 5 is out!

This first build of Tabbles 5 features an extension of the auto-tagging rules that will allow you to search “inside” a file ( search the content of a file or document) and tag the file automatically based on what’s inside it. To achieve we’re using the awesome Tika library, the full list of files we can extract text from is here.

The next feature we’ll release (in a couple weeks or so) is the “comment on files”: it will be user based and as a result you’ll see a list of all the comments written by each of users that wrote comments for that file, sorted chronologically.

We’re calling this build a beta only because the Cloud mode is not available yet, we’re putting it online on March 1st. Otherwise the code is pretty stable.


Please read carefully the license information on the download page

Please note that you may not be able to downgrade your database and use it with Tabbles 4, after you installed Tabbles 5  so make sure your license will work with Tabbles, that is only if you have a subscription license for Tabbles 4 or Tabbles Free. So please install this beta only if you have a subscription license or are using Tabbles Free!

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  1. Andrea January 18, 2018 at 1:07 pm

    Hi Chuck,

    thanks for asking this!

    if you’re using Tabbles Local, then Tabbles 5 will automatically upgrade your database. version. Right now, incidentally, Tabbles 4.5.1 and Tabbles 5 have the same database version, but if the build we’re testing now (with comments on files) works well enough, tonight or tomorrow Tabbles 5 will upgrade the database to a higher version, and we have no way to easily to downgrade it

    Therefore, if you want to test-drive Tabbles 5, make sure you export your database as XML and keep it safe. If you later will want to switch back to Tabbles, you’ll need to kill the LocalDB (or SQL) database manually, make a new one, and re-import the XML backup.

    If you’re using Tabbles LAN (or if you’re willing and able to create a new instance with LocalDB and set it up under “Tabbles LAN” tab as described here: ) then you can just create a new database, import your old one and play with it. Just backup your %appdata%\Tabbles folder so that you won’t need to login and out again if you switch back.

    Let me know if you have more questions!

  2. Chuck Frizzell January 18, 2018 at 12:55 pm

    If I understand your warning correctly, those with valid version 4 licenses that predates your subscription model will have issues downgrading to their valid license version 4 from version 5 beta. Is that correct?

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