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Hi all,

Today we published a new Tabbles release (3.1.11) with some interesting new features.

First, we have good news for users of file managers other than Explorer (like Total Commander, xplorer2, Directory Opus): you can now move and rename files with alternate file managers without losing tags. You achieve this by means of the new context-menu verbs. For example, here is how to move a file preserving tags with Total Commander:

So you have to right-click and choose “cut”, then right-click the destination folder and choose “paste and preserve tags”.

They key idea is that most alternate file managers display Explorer’s context-menu when you right click. So we added a few verbs there to manipulate files preserving their tags.

You can also delete files without leaving them hanging in Tabbles’ database.  For that, you can use the verb “Delete and untag”.

To repeat, this matters only for those who use alternate file managers; Explorer users can manipulate files in any way they like, and tags will not be lost. It has been like that since Tabbles 3.0.


Second, the global ALT+C shortcut has now become much more useful, because you can start typing immediately after pressing ALT+c, without having to click with the mouse on the window. Here is a screencast:

Global ALT+c shortcut

As you can see, we type ALT+C and then we quickly type “pic”. Then we press the down arrow until we find the tag we want to open (“Picture”). Then we will press ENTER. The point is that we don’t need to use the mouse at all.
Third, this release also has some major optimizations: the user interface is much faster, smoother, and responsive. We changed a lot of things under the hood to achieve that. Tabbles also uses fewer resources, and Explorer itself performs faster.
Finally, there are some important bug fixes and crash fixes. I won’t go in the detail (read the changelog for that).
Bottom line: be sure to install the new version. The Tabbles user experience has just improved quite a bit.

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Today is bugfix day… you may have noticed a sequence of new releases during the day. In particular, Cloud users have been forced to update a few times today. Apologies for that.

The releases were meant to fix bugs and crashes in synchronization. In particular, there were crashes moving and renaming files (probably only for files in a synchronized folder, but we are not sure).

Anyway, with Tabbles 3.1.6, hopefully everything should work fine now, and you won’t be forced to update for a few weeks.

Tabbles syncronization

Good day everyone! We just released Tabbles 3.1.4, containing some important bugfixes and new features.

The important bugfixes are related to network folders. Basically there were a bunch of bugs which prevented you to tag files in a network folder from the PC where the folder physically lives, and have the tags be visible from the other machines in the network. This is now fixed. The only caveat is that, to tag files from the local PC, you have to do it from the network path, not from the local path. Stated like that, this may not be clear, but we’ll do a video about this soon. 🙂

The important new features are related to synchronization. So let’s see what’s new in synchronization:

    1. we added a button “resync now” which resynchronizes all folders in a given group with each other. This means that each file in each folder gets the tags of the corresponding file in the other folder.
      Here is a video illustrating the usage of the “resync” button and of synchronization in general:
      As you can see, the “resync” button is useful if you have a regular folder with tagged files, and you later decide to create a “mirror” folder of it (on the same machine or on another machine) with Dropbox or similar. When Dropbox first creates the mirror folder, it will be untagged, and you will need to press “resync” to transfer the tags of each file to their clones in the mirror folder.


    1. If you move a tagged file into a synced folder, the tags of that file are now applied to the corresponding file in the mirror folder. In other words, previously the logic that copies tags from the original file to the mirror file was only triggered when you tagged a file; now it is also triggered when you move a file in a synced folder.


    1. You can now synchronize tags between a regular folder and a network folder. Previously this would crash.
      One case where this is useful is when you already have a folder with tagged files, and then you decide to share that folder with other PCs. When you share the folder, it acquires a new (network) path; so each file in it acquires a second path, and you have to tell Tabbles that the two paths are equivalent. You can do this with the synchronization dialog.


  1. If you rename/delete a tagged file in a synced folder, the corresponding file in the other folder is renamed/deleted in the database as well.

There are also other bugfixes and features, so as usual see the changelog.

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Hello everybody! Today we are proud to announce the release of Tabbles 3.1. This new major version brings a popularly demanded feature: synchronization support. , i.e. support for Dropbox, OneDrive (SkyDrive), Google Drive, Copy, etc.

What does this mean? Suppose you are using Dropbox to synchronize a folder across two PCs. So the two folders on the two PCs are exact clones of each other. In this case, when you tag a file in one folder, you want the corresponding file in the other folder to be automatically tagged as well. You don’t want to have to tag each file twice.

With Tabbles 3.1, this is finally possible. Basically you only need to tell Tabbles that two (or more) folders are clones of each other. You do this by creating a so-called “synchronization group”, and putting both folders in the group. It’s as simple as that. Tabbles offers dialog boxes to do just that, like the one above, and the one below.

folder sync screen 2


From the moment you have put both folders in the same “synchronization group”, Tabbles will start treating them as clones of each other. So each time you tag a file, you will be actually tagging two files at once: the local file and its copy on the other machine.

This way, for example, you’ll be able to use Tabbles at work, and then, when you get home, take your laptop and keep using Tabbles to find the same files.

Tabbles 3.1 also contains some bugfixes, so be sure to upgrade!

Bottom line: our feature list it is growing bigger and bigger. 😉

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Tabbles 4.1.12 (~ 19MB)
Compatible with: Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. For LAN mode, it requires Microsoft Sql Server Express 2008 or above.

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