1.4.5 beta1 -> beta2 -> beta3 ->RC1: the biggest release we did in a while


If you thought that Tabbles is complicated to use, this release should make you change your mind. Now it really looks like Windows Explorer Evolved 😀
Check the whole story on our forum or download the beta here.

A little teaser (1.4.5 beta1):

1.4.5 beta2 —>Ooops, we did it again! Check our forum or download the beta here.

One more little teaser (1.4.5 beta2)

1.4.5 beta3 — here you go again Check our forum or download the beta here
One more little teaser (1.4.5 beta3)

1.4.5RC1 — “the Easy build”. Check our forum or download the beta here

little ugly teaser (1.4.5RC1)

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