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Ladies and gentleman, we’ve just redesigned Tabbles, from scratch – or nearly. This release is the result of the 6 months of testing, discussing, improving, re-testing, re-thinking, re-designing. Now Tabbles looks like something “familiar” and not anymore like an alien kind of application. We hope you’ll love using it as much as we loved making it.

Tabbles’ new face:

All the details are in our change-log.
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While looking for a solution to this keygen thingy, I started a thread on Joels on Software. One guy named Rui came out with a really smart concept, so smart and simple that we didn’t think of it first (here) and I tell my ideas about the benefits of such approach here.  Then conversation goes on, I get moved and can’t help showing our love to our community: here. Of course I had to explain the concept using some capitalistic arguments, but I hope that the “love” comes out of my post :mrgreen: :D :oops: :mrgreen: :twisted:. Well, before going further, please have a look at our previous posts on piracy here and here – just want to make sure that we absolutely don’t have bad feelings (nor we are frightened!) by pirates in any way 🙂

The previous situation:

Our previous serials looked like this: 1-23T02-123456-7-890. Everything apart from the “T02” was generated based on purchase reference number. The issue with that Tabbles was reading the whole serial at once, and since we used no trick/obfuscation at all, we knew that it would have been a trivial job for any hacker to reverse-engineer the code and write a keygen…

Our current approach:

Our current serial looks like this: 1-T02-123456-1-111122233334444555566667777888899990000. The main difference is that now Tabbles is reading only a part of it (that is: 1-T02-123456-1-1111) and the logic to read the rest of the serial is not in the code (it was commented out at compiling). Therefore Tabbles will accept a serial number looking like 1-T02-123456-1-111122233334444555566667777888899990000 but will only take into account the first part (1-T02-123456-1-1111) and ignore the following part (22233334444555566667777888899990000).

So here is the trick: assuming that a keygen can only be written by reverse engineering the functions that read the serial inside the app, the first keygen that will developed will only be able to generate the first part of the serial (1-T02-123456-1-1111) and it may as well append some randomly generated numbers afterwards – the current version of Tabbles would work just fine with it. Then, the next day we’d reply by releasing a new version of Tabbles that reads also another little chunk of the serial (say the “2222”) making the previous keygen useless with the current version… :mrgreen:

peace and love,


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If you thought that Tabbles is complicated to use, this release should make you change your mind. Now it really looks like Windows Explorer Evolved 😀
Check the whole story on our forum or download the beta here.

A little teaser (1.4.5 beta1):

1.4.5 beta2 —>Ooops, we did it again! Check our forum or download the beta here.

One more little teaser (1.4.5 beta2)

1.4.5 beta3 — here you go again Check our forum or download the beta here
One more little teaser (1.4.5 beta3)

1.4.5RC1 — “the Easy build”. Check our forum or download the beta here

little ugly teaser (1.4.5RC1)

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have been thinking of posting this for a while… the purpose of this post is try and share what I learnt in roughly 8 months moving from 0-level-web-newbie to wannabe-webmaster 🙂

Why Joomla?

As I started looking for a CMS I had (for obvious reason) PHP + MySQL + Open Source in mind. Maurizio (my partner in crime) has been working with ASP .NET, and my brother developed his own CMS in PHP (which btw kicks ass…it powers huuuuge sites including one selling plane tickets). Since the website was supposed to be my baby from day 1, then I just thought I needed to find something I could handle 100% by myself (and I can’t code at all…).

The dilemma was initially between Joomla and Drupal. Later on I also discover (or re-discovered) that you can do pretty much everything with WordPress as well. After spending a few days googling (in february 2009) I made myself an opinion based on rumors, late me summarize:

  • lots of extensions and skins available
  • no-multisite support
  • used for small sites and e-ecommerces
  • the Administration panel takes a while to figure out
  • developer-friendly and larger development community
  • multisite support
  • (a bit) less extensions available
  • skinning reportedly more difficult
  • no default wysiwyg editor (!)
  • used mainly in large sites

There are several well-done comparison on the web (e.g.: 1,2), what comes out is that both Joomla and Drupal (and WordPress) can serve your purposes equally well if you have something small in mind and maybe  in that case Joomla is a bit less expensive/time consuming to set-up.
I went for Joomla and still I’m pretty happy about it since whenever I needed some new functionalities, in most cases I did just browse the Tagged with: ,

HELLO WORLD, and specially Italy this time 🙂

I guess that bragging about a nice review on our blog is a bit lame, but since it’s the first paper review we get, it’s a bit of a special moment and needs to be celebrated 🙂
Plus, I keep a collection of all the Tabbles appearances on delicious (also accessible from our OPML), and I needed to scan the page and put it somewhere in order to keep the record.

The review is in italian, from the pcmagazine…and we got an 85%! Here you go:

P.S.: we just reached 100 users and 1000 posts on our forum! 😀
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… to make it totally idiot-proof this time! Read more about this on our forum.

Updated! Teaser nr. 2:
…and the forum post
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Tabbles 4.1.12 (~ 19MB)
Compatible with: Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. For LAN mode, it requires Microsoft Sql Server Express 2008 or above.

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