micro weekly update 09 -> 15 November


Guys, probably this week for the first time, we started seeing some real interest in Tabbles, coming from different fronts. It feels good.

Development (1.2.1 is very close) -> look at this
– Recursive untabbling added
– Improved auto-categorization (just “sticky” for the moment)
– “Bleached” file window and graphical tweaks 
– Tracked (and hopefully fixed) 2 very buggy bugs causing to database corruption. We’re probably preventing future bugs too.
– Layed out the basic functionalities of the shared tabbles (we’ll blog something about this later). Basically soon we’ll have something similar to a server-less shared tagging app.  Sounds like sci-fi but apparently it isn’t.


– Updating stuff here and there
– Getting ready to a real press launch (yes!). We’re making a list of magazines… wanna see it?
– The wiki is alive!
– Our Combine feature is officially Patent Pending 😎

– I finally added an OPML with all our feeds.

P.S. another great idea from the balsamiq blog: whoever has a webcam and is willing to tell about how Tabbles is making your life easier, just shoot the video and we’ll add it to our youtube playlist 😀

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