Ain’t my desktop pretty?

Judge for yourself if my Tabbles desktop is pretty 🙂

(click picture to enlarge)

Of course I have many more tabbles, but I have hidden them from the ground floor. (I open the hidden tabbles with ALT+c). In general, I only use the ground floor for tabbles that I want to click for first; later I use the “suggested tabbles” panel, from the first floor, to refine the search. This is an important querying technique that I think you should master; it is quicker than keeping many tabbles on the ground floor and searching them with your eyes.


In other news, I am receiving the first complaints about removing categories. (Fortunately, nothing that can’t be fixed in a better way, and without reinventing folders, which is what categories were).

I am replying in detail tomorrow. First thing I do tomorrow, I will program an auto-align feature and a snap-to-grid feature.

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